Vital Organizational Skills

Handling Difficult Times, Situations and People: Most people are effective when things go smoothly. However, more often than not, there are glitches, obstacles and problems. In this workshop, participants will learn how to more effectively deal with those challenges and turn them into opportunities. They will learn new skills to help them move past difficultiesa��easily and effectively.

Conflict Resolution: No one likes conflict. But, armed with the right knowledge, attitude and tools, conflict can no longer be something to avoid. Being able to supportively confront someone, rather than avoida��can dramatically and positively change the way you deal with people. This is a crucial skill for all supervisors, managers and leadersa��and is pretty important to everyone.

Problem Solving and Decision Making: This workshop improves participantsa�� ability to solve problems and make decisions by showing you how: 1) draw on all the current information and knowledge available in the workplace and beyond, 2) analyze and solve problems, 3) understand how good decisions are made, and by 4) encouraging you to examine your own problem-solving and decision making processes.

Best Practices and Continuous Improvement: In this workshop, participants learn ways of effectively evaluating their companya��s performance, how to best learn from these findings, and how to identify what needs to be improved. After reviewing the key components of an effective continuing improvement protocola��selection; data organization and analysis; identification of obstacles, milestones, and goals; and improvement tracking and evaluationa��you will participate in tailoring and building a a�?Continuous Improvement Modela�? that is most practical and most relevent for your organization.