Lead From Within

A Leadership Course for Today’s Leaders

Today’s leaders are faced with complex challenges: intense global competition, economic and political upheaval, and new security issues. All this requires the successful leader to be more knowledgeable, more resilient and to do more with less.

New leadership skills and understandings are called for. The effective and successful leader needs to know how to recognize, access and encourage the power of internal direction, both for self and for others. That is, the ability and skill to find intrinsic purpose, which in turn creates buy toradol injection online. a sense of being "in charge," competent, and satisfied. This means that the leader needs to have the self-awareness and skill to understand the power of the "inner landscape," and the self-management skills to deal effectively with his or her own emotions and thoughts. With an increase in personal management skills, the leader increases his or her impact on the organization.

A benefit of this applied self-awareness is its potential to inspire and motivate others to do the same. When people see that their manager is integrated and intrinsically motivated, they can use them as a role model to build the same kind of resilience within themselves. They will often ask their manager how he or she keeps such an even keel in turbulent waters. They learn lessons that increase their own personal power and motivation.

Tapping into this subtle, but enormously powerful, source of energy and inspiration will have the payoff of an increased sense of power and control, job satisfaction, and effectiveness, both for the leader and for his or her direct reports.

This workshop is about the internal, not the external. It introduces concepts, tools, techniques and skills to help leaders more effectively respond and react to the day-to-day realities they face. Through releasing the power of intention, maintaining the buy cialis in australia. personal center of control, and learning how to continuously improve, the individual leads in the most powerful and effective way.

Lead from Within Model/Philosophy

A typical leader goes through the typical workday with a simple (usually unconscious) three-stage process: he or she starts with certain intentions, has experiences which impede or support those intentions, and at the end of the day concludes that the day had the intended results, or not.

Just like in Las Vegas, sometimes you get lucky. But, over time, you only win if you know how to play the game. In this case, winning the game means increasing your personal impact. And the winning formula works like this:

Self-Awareness + Self-Management = Personal Impact

Self-awareness helps slow things down so you can look at what you do and what is required to change. It’s like slowing down a tennis ball so you can hit it easier. Self-awareness includes the knowledge of who you are yourself, of how you react to different situations, of your strengths and weaknesses, of your conscious and unconscious patterns.

Self-management means your ability to use your self-awareness to modify your own behavior to achieve your desired goal. If self-awareness slows the tennis ball down, self-management gives you the flexibility to move in more ways, so that you have more options for hitting the ball.

Personal impact is how well you take advantage of and successfully deal with the reality of every-day challenges. Personal impact is actually hitting the ball.

In this course we apply the winning formula to the everyday work life of the participants.

This course is about increasing the leader’s skills in self-awareness and self-management in managing intention, dealing with what the work day hands us, and finding opportunities for continuous improvement, thus increasing their personal impact.

Increasing Your Personal Impact

The individual’s self-awareness and self-management skills in each of those three stages have a lot to do with his or her job satisfaction and personal impact in the organization.

Participants Outcomes

  • Gain understanding of key aspects of self-awareness and self-management in the work environment, increasing personal clarity and impact;
  • Increase awareness of the power of intention and attitude, as well as increasing ability to direct their own intention and attitude.
  • Learn and practice easy-to-apply, practical tools in self-awareness and self-management in challenging situations; and
  • Develop (and help others develop) strategies for dealing effectively with their own personal challenges at work.