Visionary Team Planning

What Is Visionary Team Planning?

Visionary Team Planning is a highly interactive planning process that moves people beyond the normal cynicism, skepticism, and negativity that stifles most corporate meetings today — and systematically and dramatically opens the whole team to a new possibility for collaboration and innovation.

Promised Results

In this revolutionary program, your team will:

  • Significantly build synergy and trust
  • Tap into a whole new level of creative thinking
  • Align around an inspired, compelling vision
  • Create an accountable roadmap for their future

You Won’t Recognize Your Team After One Or Two Days

If your team does not have a lot of un-dealt with baggage, this process can be completed in just one day — otherwise, two days are preferable.

How Does It Work?

Visionary Team Planning is a highly interactive, engaging process in which individual departments, divisions, and whole companies craft: 1) a unified vision of growth over the next fast shipping cialis daily. 3-5 years; 2) a 12-month, compelling, aligned strategy of how to effectively launch the journey; and 3) a detailed, tactical action plan that insures enrollment and accountability.

Much More Than Traditional Strategic Planning

Traditionally, strategic planning involves a small group of senior management of an organization going away to a retreat center for two or three days mexican drugs online. to develop a strategic direction for the organization for the next 3-5 years and, perhaps, an operational plan for the coming year. These documents, usually filled with strategic statements like, "Explore the feasibility of opening new markets through the diversification of our product mix," are brought back to the company, formatted, and then put into notebooks and made into slides, so that middle management (or, perhaps, the whole organization) can come to a big meeting and hear about the plans for the future, hopefully getting enrolled in a direction that they will be partly responsible for implementing.

But, it rarely happens! So much goes over people’s heads, there is usually only superficial buy-in, and the notebooks end up on shelves gathering dust. The process is not vital or engaging. And, no matter how brilliant, the output is rarely an inspiring, living document.

Program Objectives

  • Engage and inspire participants so that they leave the session feeling like a team, committed to achieving the same shared goals;
  • Help the organization/team craft a unified, compelling vision that accurately reflects where they want to go and how they intend to get there;
  • Create an atmosphere that allows each participant’s best thinking to emerge, such that the ideas generated in the session help the organization/team achieve extraordinary results.