Highly Effective Processes and Tools

Visionary Team Planning: Participants will learn how to conduct planning sessions that will help their organization align around an inspired, compelling vision, tap into whole new levels of creative thinking, and create an accountable roadmap for the future.

Building Team Trust and Effectiveness: Participants will learn how to move their people past the pettiness and in-fighting that keep them divided and mistrustful, and significantly build synergy and trust in their staffs. This program is designed to dramatically deepen your understanding of the way your team operates, establish a trusting environment, agreeing to tell the truth, surfacing the issues, and moving past the impasses and conflicts which regularly inhibit optimal performance and results.

Change Management: Very few people are comfortable with changea��so they resist it. With change, comes uncertainty, which is the biggest cause of organizational stress. Over time, established policies, practices, attitudes and even cultures become accepted as the way things are a�?supposea�? to be. When people are confronted with change, they often become emotional. In the absence of good, clear communicationa��fear takes over. This workshop helps people learn about how to best cope with changea��and how to effectively help others to accept, deal with and embrace necessary changes at the workplace.