Creativity and Innovation

Creative Thinking Training: Participants learn effective creative thinking techniques that not only can get everyone in their organization, out-of-the-box,ai??? but will also help them begin to develop a culture of innovation throughout their organizations. Everyone will leave this workshop understanding how creativity works and that everyone has the potential to be a creative thinker.

Rapid Fire Brainstorming: This workshop teaches a proven creative-thinking process, known as Rapid Fire Brainstorming. Participants learn how to generate an abundance of ideas in a short period of time. The also learn about the power of reflection and how to find the leverage points that make a interesting ideaai??i??a blockbuster. Finally, participants will learn how to ai???pitchai??? their ideas in away that they will be received, considered, and accepted.

Team Innovation cialis aus england. : In this workshop, participants learn how to move past the limiting thinking that hold teams back, and learn powerful ideation techniques, which results in breakthrough ideas and concepts. Using a series of dynamic team building challenges ai??i?? participants push past their limiting assumptions and establish an atmosphere of possibility. They are then introduced to powerful innovation and creative thinking concepts that give them the tools to get way out-of-the-box and let genius burst forth. indie sound.