Assessment, Motivation & Inspiration

Increasing Organizational Vitality: Participants in this workshop will learn how to effectively increase staff communication, collaboration, creativity, and innovationa��through inspired leadership, powerful visioning, and motivational protocols. All who attend will learn how to conduct the a�?Organizational Vitality Check-Upa�?,a�? a tool that accurately accesses where an organizationa��s strengths and challenges in keeping their employee base motivated and working at peak effectiveness.

Teaching Your Old Dogs New Tricks: This workshop is for supervisors, managers and leaders who have a mature workforce that is often resistant to change. Participants will learn how to open peoplea��s minds and hearts, deal effectively with negativity and resistance, begin to create a long-term culture changea��and transform their organization.

Attitude is Everything:A� Send all your doubters, devils advocates, nay-sayers, antagonists, and victims to this workshop. There, the will learn the power of positive thinking, how to shift their reality so that they start seeing their cup as half-full, and change their a�?No-We-Cana��ta�? attitude to a�?Yes-We-Can!a�? They will return from this workshop transformed.