The Chrysalis Process

You wouldn’t take prescription medicine or have surgery without first consulting a physician—and you shouldn’t decide what to do to your workforce, without checking with a specialist either. Working with an Organization Effectiveness Specialist saves you money and helps make your organization healthier, more effective, and more productive.

Phase I: Assessment

We begin with an full assessment of your organization. This assessment usually involves both:

  1. individual, private interviews with you and other key members of your leadership team, as well as other selected individuals
  2. an anonymous online survey of your entire staff

This assessment phase gives us a good picture of where the weaknesses and areas in need of attention are. The survey also gives us a measurable baseline that will enable us to track how effective we are in improving the situation.

Phase II: Analysis & Recommendations

After the Assessment Phase is complete, we analyze what we find out and discuss it internally with our staff and the various partners and associates we often collaborate with, to decide the best treatment recommendations. We provide you with a thorough analysis of what we cheap vardenafil 20mg. learned and our recommendations about how to best proceed.

Phase III: Planning

After the analysis phase is complete, working together with you, and taking in consideration what we found out to be the most pressing needs, as well as your organizations time and budget constraints, we come up with a 3-year “Organizational Development Plan” for the organization, which gets monitored and undated over time. This plan becomes the basis and the focus for our ongoing relationship.

Phase IV: Interventions

The fourth phase is the intervention(s) that you, with our assistance decide to undertake, to support your people, boost your service excellence and/or achieve your financial goals.

It can be as simple as a Communication Skills course for your hires or as complicated as an organizational restructuring, the implementation of a succession plan or a change management program. It can be a decision to have your top Executives enter into a formal coaching relationship to improve how they work with their key staff, or it can be a long-term strategic planning process for the organization.

We do not enter into our relationships with pre-conceived notions. Neither should you.Ai?? Please review the various interventions we often utilize, all of which can be found in the either the sections entitled: Organizational Consulting Services or Training & Development Programs.

Phase V: Evaluation

No ongoing relationship works without a way to objectively measuring how it’s going and that it is beneficial to both parties. Because we do an assessment up-front, we have a baseline to compare our progress to.

We are proud that we cialis 2.5 mg reviews. continue to have long-standing relationships with many very satisfied clients who continue to utilize our servicesai??i??because we continue to deliver value to them.