Sandi Schwartz Neiman

Sandi Schwartz Neiman is an executive and organizational effectiveness coach. She spent over 30 years in health care, first as a clinician and finally as the COO of a large, national healthcare business. Her passion is leading from within, and helping women leaders create a purposeful life and work balance.

Sandi has worked within organizations who need to see marked improvement in performance rapidly. Her strategy encompasses stakeholder assessments, 360 reviews and individual coaching plans.

Sandi is a trained clinician, manager, executive leader and women’s advocate. Her training as a clinician led her to create a holistic approach to coaching: awareness, desire and motivation for lasting change.

The focus of her practice is on Women at Work: the challenges within the workplace, ourselves, external pressures on life balance and communication skills in the workplace.

As a young leader in a traditional for profit environment, Sandi was challenged by her own paradigms as a woman in business as well as expectations placed on her as a leader, as a mother, friend, daughter and many, many other roles. What she has found, is that we CAN have it all! Not all at the same intensity and not all the time, but with an intentional focus on desire, outcomes and motivation we can feel good about ALL that we do. We CAN let go of the pressure and the resentments we face as Women who Work.

“I am passionate about working with women who desire a greater sense of self, personal and professional satisfaction as well as realization of long held goals.” cialis quick deliverycanada. -Sandi