Catherine M. Majane, M.B.A.

Catherine Majane is an executive coach and Organizational Development consultant with over twenty-five years experience as an entrepreneur, independent consultant, corporate HR executive and leadership coach. She has worked with managers and executives in a wide array of industries, including high technology, consumer products, professional services and financial services. Her primary areas of expertise include executive coaching, selection and assessment, performance management, leadership and professional development and career management. Catherine has earned a reputation as a pioneer and expert in utilizing interim management as a strategic business tool in corporate and entrepreneurial environments.

Catherine provides an objective, flexible, positive and creative problem-solving approach in working with corporate executives on leadership coaching initiatives and selection and assessment issues, particularly during periods of major organizational change. Her strategic business orientation is combined with a practical, “hands-on” approach to creating and implementing change and enhancing productivity for both the organization and the individual executive.

The following examples illustrate her professional work:

  • Coached a VP of Finance, whose direct and confrontational personal style created significant concerns with more senior leaders in the organization, to become more self-aware and able to modify negative behavior in group meetings and with individual employees.
  • For several functional areas (Sales, Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources and Research) in a major high technology consulting firm, facilitated the interpretation of 360 feedback assessment tools and provided follow-on executive coaching.
  • Coached the CEO of a non-profit organization to improve leadership style, interpersonal communication skills and openness with the senior leadership team and to manage the relationship with the Board of Directors with diverse and sometimes conflicting expectations.
  • Coached a Sr. Director of HR at a leading global security company to improve her overall effectiveness in managing relationships with her direct supervisor as well as other members of the senior leadership team. As a result, she was able to contribute her unique talents and strengths to addressing significant HR challenges in the organization during a time of major change.

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Catherine has a broad base of experience with top-tier clients, including the following:
Gartner Group, Right Management Consultants, Xerox Corporation, Pepperidge Farm, Greenwich Associates, Citibank, N.A., GE Capital, Coca-Cola Bottling of NY, Bayer Corporation, Playtex Products

Catherine earned her M.B.A. in Industrial Relations and Marketing from The Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio and a B.A. in Sociology & Psychology from Nazareth College in Rochester, NY. She also completed a certification from Creative Energy Options in Executive Leadership Training and Coaching in 2003. Catherine completed the Certificate Program in Leadership Coaching at Georgetown University in 2010.