Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching services are geared to help clients clarify their goals, focus their efforts, face and overcome blocks, and move measurably and powerfully forwarda��bringing out the best, reinventing, unleashing the creative power and genius that too often lies buried within us all.

During the coaching process, the client and coach generally:

  • Establish a trusting, committed relationship of mutual respect
  • Identify the clienta��s current undesirable behaviors and assess impact on others.
  • Pinpoint the situations that trigger the critical behaviors.
  • Identify the goals and motivations underlying these behaviors.
  • Identify the new skills and mind-sets that will result in success.
  • Learn and practice new behaviors, initially with the coach, and then in the workplace.
  • Adopt new attitudes that support the new behaviors.
  • Re-negotiate new patterns with colleagues that are more satisfying to all, and lead to better communication, collaboration and productivity.